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Catalyst riding high with $1 million brief for the prestigious US sporting event, the 150th Kentucky Derby.

Catalyst riding high with $1 million sports event brief

Ride Up immersive game!

Brighton-based Catalyst proudly announces its partnership with the Kentucky Derby in Louisville as its chosen technology partner, following a rigorous selection process.As the Kentucky Derby dials up to celebrate its historic 150th anniversary , one of the centerpieces of the festivities will be introducing a thrilling new attraction for visitors, ‘’Riders Up’’"Riders Up " is the most advanced immersive interactive horse racing experience globally.

The game features 5K Ultrawide immersive screens and spatial audio for enhanced realism.

Designed and developed by Catalyst it's unlike any other horse racing experience available, it uniquely combines real-time, dynamic commentary, accurate historical representation across various eras, and inclusivity in gaming technology.

Equipped with the latest haptic feedback technology, it allows users to feel movements and vibrations corresponding to the in-game actions, significantly amplifying the user experience by providing a realistic sensation of riding a horse and competing in a race. This game sets a new benchmark in gameplay technology.. The game includes a wheelchair-accessible horse with accessibility controllers and colour-blind modes, ensuring inclusivity.

"We're not just upgrading a game; we're revolutionising the way you experience the magic of the Derby," said Patrick Armstrong, Kentucky Derby Museum President and CEO. "Every day, we're committed to sharing the exhilaration and history of Derby with all our guests. Bigger and bolder with cutting-edge technology, the new Riders Up! is the epitome of that commitment.Catalyst founder and CEO Gabriel Howard said: “This incredibly exciting and prestigious project sets a new benchmark for interactive games. It represents the pinnacle of our expertise in delivering unparalleled immersive racing experiences.”

Construction commenced in February, with the grand opening scheduled for April 12, 2024.

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