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Making waves Brighton to Sydney and every point in between. Our passion has been propelling brands into new dimensions since 2015. Delivering campaigns for brands such as Disney, Redbull, Uber, Universal, Adidas and Tik-Tok.

We specialise in the art of crafting brand adventures that seamlessly weave the transformative abilities of VR,AR MR, and spatial technologies. Our expertise extends across a spectrum of industries, including Entertainment, FMCG, Sport, Retail, Automotive, and Lifestyle, and emerging sectors.


At the forefront of innovation, we tirelessly challenge the limits of technology, constantly pushing the boundaries of global innovation.

Standing still is not in our DNA, and our clients share the same forward-thinking ethos. Together, we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of possibilities, driving toward new horizons and shaping the future of next-generational brand adventures.


Why working with
Catalyst matters

Creative technology experts Whether you're a seasoned tech professional or venturing into the creation of your first tech brand experience our goal is to collaborate with you and create epic memorable brand adventures.

We specialise in crafting genuinely unforgettable brand adventures that centre around core creative ideas, steering clear of rigid categorisations based on preconceived notions of technology. We pride ourselves on being creatively minded with technology as our trusted enabler.

Innovation is not just a buzzword for us—it's our way of life. Working with our team ensures a seamless journey, marked by creativity and technological prowess. Let's collaborate and embark on the creation of epic, unforgettable brand adventures together.

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    Project Management

    Our delivery standards are world-class, you don’t deliver brand adventures for Disney, Universal, Red Bull, Uber, or Nike without having a best-in-class project management team to guide you all the way. From ideation stage to project timelines to regular comms you can sit back and enjoy the ride!

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    Speed & Quality

    Our pride lies in our agility when it comes to delivery. Recognizing that deadlines can often be pressing, we assure you that we won't compromise on quality. Our operational framework is designed for scalability on a global level, ensuring that we not only meet but excel in delivering results even within the tightest timeframes.

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    Tech experts

    As leading global experts, we harness and utilize our extensive knowledge to elevate your brand. Whether through dynamic brand and partner workshops or innovative tech-fueled concepts, we possess the insights needed to genuinely ignite your brand. With expertise spanning VR, AR, XR, and MR, rest assured, we've got all bases covered for an immersive and impactful brand adventure.

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    Industry Experience

    In the realm where technology knows no bounds, our fortunate journey has led us to collaborate with numerous global brands spanning diverse industries, including but certainly not confined to Entertainment, FMCG, Sport, Retail, Automotive, and Lifestyle. As we stride into 2024, the convergence of emerging trends will undoubtedly be expanding the horizons of our partnerships.


We love meeting new clients and coming up with creative ways to turn your ideas into reality.


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